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Indigenous Law Bulletin 8(20)

In Indigenous Law Bulletin 8(20), Sandy Lamalle distils the conclusions of Canada's Commission on Truth and Reconciliation's report; Robyn Gilbert explains the ALRC's recommended changes to the Native Title Act; Tammy Solonec and Cassandra Seery, and Dennis Eggington and Sarouche Razi re-examine the closure of Oombulgurri in terms of its legality and implications, and Eamon Ritchie and Terri Janke unpack who owns the copyright for Native Title Connection Reports.

Indigenous Law Bulletin 8(19)

The latest ILB now out! A special edition on constitutional reform and an Indigenous advisory body including Megan Davis, Cheryl Saunders and Fergal Davis.

International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples

As Chair of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Prof Megan Davis will preside over a ceremony at the United Nations, New York to mark International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples.

Dr Cripps joins Michael Kirby on NAIDOC Week panel

ILC Director, Dr Kyllie Cripps spoke about the impact that imprisonment has on families & communities left behind during a NAIDOC Week seminar on incarceration and health.

Indigenous Law Bulletin 8(18)

WA Heritage laws, mandatory sentencing, NT's 'paperless arrest' laws, Constitutional reform by way of an Indigenous advisory body, and commentary on the Canadian Keewatin case, edition 8(18) has it all covered!

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