Dylan Lino

Dylan Lino

Lecturer, University of Western Australia Law School

 BA LLB (Hons) (UNSW) LLM (Harvard) PhD (Melbourne)

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BiographyDylan is a Lecturer at the University of Western Australia Law School. He holds Bachelor degrees in Arts and Law (with Honours) from the University of New South Wales, a Master of Laws from Harvard University and a PhD from Melbourne Law School. Dylan has been involved with the Indigenous Law Centre since the start of 2008, where he began as Editor of the Australian Indigenous Law Review. His research is at the intersection of public law and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights. Dylan’s PhD examined the constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Selected publications

‘Thinking Outside the Constitution on Indigenous Constitutional Recognition: Entrenching the Racial Discrimination Act’ (2017) 91 Australian Law Journal 381

‘Albert Venn Dicey and the Constitutional Theory of Empire’ (2016) 36 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 751

‘What is Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples?’ (2016) 8(24) Indigenous Law Bulletin 3

‘Constitutions and the Politics of Recognition: Some Australian Observations’ on I-CONnect: International Journal of Constitutional Law Blog (30 July 2014)

‘Speaking Ill of the Dead: A Comment on Section 25 of the Constitution’ (2012) 23 Public Law Review 231 (with Megan Davis)

‘Replacing the Race Power’ (2011) 15(2) Australian Indigenous Law Review 58

‘The Politics of Inclusion: The Right of Self-Determination, Statutory Bills of Rights and Indigenous Peoples’ (2010) 34 Melbourne University Law Review 839

‘Constitutional Reform and Indigenous Peoples’ (2010) 7(19) Indigenous Law Bulletin 3 (with Megan Davis)

‘Monetary Compensation and the Stolen Generations: A Critique of the Commonwealth Labor Government’s Position’ (2010) 14(1) Australian Indigenous Law Review 18


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