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Since 1981 the Indigenous Law Bulletin ('ILB') has provided Indigenous and non-Indigenous readers from diverse personal and professional backgrounds with quality commentary on the relationship between Indigenous peoples and the law. The ILB provides a space for people in the community to write about the impact of the Australian legal system upon Indigenous Australians. It has facilitated discussion, celebrated legal achievements and attracted commentary from some of the country’s leading legal minds.

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The above search takes you to the AustLII database. Archives of the ILB from Volume 1, Issue 1 (1981) to up to 12 months ago are available from this site.  Alternatively you can browse ILB content on Informit and HeinOnline 

Note: Informit and HeinOnline have the current issues available immediately whilst AustLII currently has a 12 mth or longer time lag

The ILB is a leading journal for accessible, accurate and timely information about Australia's Indigenous peoples and the law. A valuable resource to legal practitioners, advocates, policy-makers and researchers, our content covers emerging legislation, policy, case law, international developments as well as grass-root activism and the work of Indigenous communities and organisations. Some of the issues covered by the ILB are:

  • native title, land rights and self-determination
  • incarceration
  • corrections and imprisonment
  • family violence
  • stolen generations
  • criminal justice and policing
  • sovereignty and treaties
  • discrimination
  • the needs of the youth
  • intellectual property
  • cultural and heritage issues
  • biodiversity and biopiracy
  • international and comparative law

A major aim of the ILB is to provide avenues for Indigenous people to inform debate on contemporary legal issues. It also provides a public forum for continuing dialogue on the legal and social injustices Indigenous peoples face in pursuit of the full realisation of their rights in Australia and throughout the world.

In addition to publishing articles the ILB supports and promotes Indigenous art by identifying new and emerging artists through TAFEs, art colleges, galleries, universities and secondary schools. Artworks are not used illustratively in the ILB but stand alone as a distinct feature of the journal.

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