October 2001 Volume 5, Issue 12

The October 2001 general issue of the Indigenous Law Bulletin includes a variety of news & updates, feature articles, casenotes and a book review.

News and Updates      

Ngaarra Legal Forum
by Garth Nettheim

The Past and Future of Land Rights and Native Title: Second Annual Native Title Representative Bodies Legal Conference
by Garth Nettheim


Giving credit where it's due: the operation of micro-credit models in an Indigenous Australian context
by Siobhan McDonnell

Calling in debts: the Savings Accounts and Wages Project - formerly known as the Aborigines' Welfare Fund Project
by Cristy Dieckmann


The more things change, the more they stay the same: police treatment of Indigenous persons in custody: Frederick John Beaver Robinett v South Australian Police
by Richard Edney

Métis harvesting rights in Canada: R v Powley
by Jean Teillet

The Alberni residential school case: Blackwater v Plint
by Jim Miller

Book Review

The Making of South African Legal Culture 1902-1936: Fear, Favour and Prejudice by Martin Chanock
reviewed by Denise Meyerson


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