November/December 2001 Volume 5, Issue 13

The November/December 2001 general issue of the Indigenous Law Bulletin includes a variety of news & updates, feature articles and stirrings.

News and Updates      

The Aboriginal Justice Implementation Commission of Manitoba, Canada  
by Paul Chartrand

The United Nations World Conference Against Racism
by Darren Dick


New cultural heritage legislation: one small step for Murris, one giant leap forward for the Queensland Government
by Nicole Watson and Russell Black

The Coen Local Justice Group - a community response to family violence in Queensland through the Local Justices Initiatives Program
by Kari M S Kristiansen and Megan Irving

Wills as shields and spears: the failure of intestacy law and the need for wills for customary law purposes in Australia
by Prue Vines


Wage disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous legal service providers
by John Boersig

The Fifth Schedule of the Indian Constitution and the Samatha Judgement
by Ravi Rebbapragada and K Bhanumathi


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