May/June 2002 Volume 5, Issue 17

The May–June 2002 special issue of the Indigenous Law Bulletin focuses on Indigenous peoples in North America, and lessons that can be learnt from the North American experience. The issue includes a community talk piece, feature articles, a stirrings piece and two book reviews.

Community Talk      

Canadian Residential Schools: the legacy of cultural harm
by Lorena Sekwan Fontaine


Nation-building and the Treaty Process
by Stephen Cornell

The British Columbia Treaty Referendum: an appropriate democratic exercise?
by Helena Kajlich

Tribal courts in the USA: some glimpses
by Garth Nettheim

Mandatory sentencing: lessons from the United States
by Candace McCoy and Tony Krone


Zuni Salt Lake threatened
by Bryn Jones

Book Reviews

Contemporary Native American Political Issues
edited by Troy R Johnson
reviewed by N Bruce Duthu

An Overview of Aboriginal and Treaty Rights and Compensation for Breach
by Robert Mainville
reviewed by Paul Sheiner


Recent Happenings

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