May 2007 Volume 6, Issue 27

The May edition focuses on a variety of Indigenous legal developments including systems of co-management between traditional owners and the state government in the protection of Aboriginal places of significance. Chrisanthi Giotis questions the effectiveness of the protection of the Gully Aboriginal Place in Katoomba, NSW, under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (NSW).

On a similar theme, is the requirement for collaboration between traditional owners and other parties in research. Steve Hemming, Daryle Rigney, Lynley Wallis, Tom Trevorrow, Matt Rigney and George Trevorrow discuss the operation of research, teaching and collaborative projects. They set out requirements for research on Ngarrindjeri country including that Ngarrindjeri people approve and participate in the research, be full and equal research partners, and that their intellectual property rights are protected.

Megan Davis, Director of the ILC, discusses the exclusion of Indigenous women from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous political structures and leadership positions within liberal democracies.

Hannah McGlade and Vickie Hovane discuss the development of the State Aboriginal Justice Agreement in WA, particularly in relation to a recent matter before the court. Also in WA, Tina Jowett discusses some useful strategies for preparing native title claims for hearing, including drafting a Statement of Cultural and Customary Concerns, drafting witness statements, proofing witnesses and conducting a mock hearing. She discusses these issues in relation to Bennell v Western Australia .

In our anniversary section, Terri Libesman discusses the issues of family violence and child sexual assault in Indigenous communities.

Archives of the ILB from Volume 1, Issue 1 (1981) to 6 (19) 2006 are available online at <> and <>.

General Edition

The Gully Aboriginal Place in Katoomba: Implementing the National Parks and Wildlife Act?
by Chrisanthi Giotis

Caring for Ngarrindjeri Country: Collaborative Research, Community Development and Social Justice
by Steve Hemming, Daryle Rigney, Lynley Wallis, Tom Trevorrow, Matt Rigney and George Trevorrow

How Do Aboriginal Women Fare in Australian Democracy?
by Megan Davis

Special ILB Anniversary Reflection

Government Neglect
by Terri Libesman

Aboriginal Law Bulletin Volume 2, Issue 46, October 1990

Violence Against Aboriginal Women: Reconstitution of Community Law – The Way Forward
by Judy Atkinson

The Mangolamara Case: Improving Aboriginal Community Safety and Healing
by Hannah McGlade and Vickie Hovane

Single Noongar Claim: Some Thoughts on Preparing a Native Title Claim
by Tina Jowett


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