June/July 2006 Volume 6, Issue 20

In this edition we have brought together diverse issues, all related to the protection of Indigenous heritage, knowledge and custom.

Correspondence with ILB editorial panel member Neva Collings prompted the special forum focused specifically on traditional knowledge and Indigenous resources. Margaret Raven writes for the ILB on access and benefit sharing in regard both to Indigenous knowledge and the conservation of biological diversity. Margaret argues the importance and adaptability of existing Australian protocols in safeguarding cultural heritage in the form of knowledge and other resources.

John Scott, Program Officer for Traditional Knowledge for the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity writes on the role of the Convention in the protection of Indigenous knowledge and resources. Megan Davis discusses international trade rules and the way in which these affect the interaction between Indigenous knowledge and global trade and investment.

An important campaign for the protection of cultural heritage in the Pilbara is also highlighted in this edition. Sally Morgan, Ambelin Kwaymullina and Blaze Kwaymullina discuss the declining state of cultural heritage protection in Western Australia generally, before detailing the campaign to protect ancient rock art and other sacred places from destruction at the hands of industry, via permits signed by the hand of government. Why is there such little regard for the protection of cultural heritage in this country? As so poignantly stated by the authors: ‘If Stonehenge were in the Pilbara, it would no longer exist.’

Mainstream media has once more turned its eye to issues of family violence and abuse in Indigenous communities. Opinions vary on how best to address the issue (see Recent Happenings, page 24) however all agree that changes are needed, not simply words or accusations. Professor Judy Atkinson reviews Joan Kimm’s 2004 book Fatal Conjunction. While this may seem a long lead time for publishing a book review, recent media and claims from a variety of sources have prompted Judy to revisit her thoughts on this publication.

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Protecting Indigenous Cultural Identity
by Neva Collings

Cultural Heritage Protection

Bulldozing Heritage: Fighting for Cultural Heritage in the Wild Wild West
by Sally Morgan, Ambelin Kwaymullina and Blaze Kwaymullina

Special Forum: Traditional Knowledge and Indigenous Resources

International Trade Rules and Indigenous Knowledge: A Basic Introduction
by Megan Davis

Protocols & ABS: Recognising Indigenous Rights to Knowledge in Australian Bureaucratic Organisations
by Margaret Raven

Protecting Traditional Knowledge and the Convention on Biological Diversity
by John Scott

Book Review

To Do Nothing is Tantamount to Genocide
Joan Kimm, A Fatal Conjunction: Two Cultures, Two Laws
review by Professor Judy Atkinson


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