December 2003/January 2004 Volume 5, Issue 29

News and Updates     

Opening a Circle of Hope: The NSW Government Review of Circle Sentencing
by Melanie Schwartz

Agreements, Treaties and Negotiated Settlements Database
by Dr Lisa Palmer

An Interview with John Borrows
by Professor Garth Nettheim

Fishing Rights

Caught, Hook, Line and Sinker: A Summary of the AJAC Report into Aboriginal Fishing Rights in NSW
by Scott Hawkins

Aboriginal Fishing Strategy in Western Australia
by Ben Fraser


Healthy Rivers and Indigenous Interests
by Paula Douglas

Indigenous Nations of the Murray Darling Basin
by Monica Morgan, Lisa Strelein & Jessica Weir

Salt Water   

Croker Seas Pearl Farming Agreement
by John Hughes

International Perspectives   

American Indian Water Rights: Some Observations and their implications for Australia
by Dr Lisa M Lombardi

Indigenous Water Rights within the Murray Darling Basin
by David Groenfeldt


Recent Happenings

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