August/September 2004 Volume 6, Issue 5

This edition presents a special forum which looks at ways in which conflict resolution can be attempted through informal, non-adversarial systems.

Les Malezer provides an account of the discussions of the 22nd Session of the Working Group on Indigenous Populations ('WGIP'). Readers may recall that in our last edition we reproduced the statement made to the WGIP by Sharon H Venne on behalf of the Akaitcho Dene First Nations of Canada. Here Les writes for the ILB on the Working Group meeting and on what lies ahead as we approach the end of the Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples. Craig Jones writes from the Native Title Studies Centre in Queensland on how mediation and negotiation can transform native title into a tool for development of community sustainability.

Cherie Buchert details her experience as an Indigenous mediator working in a NSW Community Justice Centre and to complete the forum, Stephen Ralph writes about the commitment of the Family Court of Australia to assist Indigenous families to reach agreement in times of conflict and family dislocation.

Recently I had the privilege of meeting with Elder Marjorie Woodrow, a staunch advocate for her people and perhaps best known of late for her part in bringing the 'stolen moneys' issue into public debate. This edition contains just some of her story and her views on issues significant to Indigenous Australians today.

Elder and spokesperson for the Council of Elders of the Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation, Henry Atkinson, provides Part Two of our look at the Co-operative Land Management Agreement. Part One was published in our last edition (Volume 6, Issue 4). Henry's article takes an important look at the 10-year legal battle for Native Title and formal recognition of his peoples' traditional ownership of the land, leading to the recent signing of the land management agreement with the Victorian Government.


The Resale Royalty - Part One
by Robynne Quiggin

Special Forum: Conflict Resolution

Indigenous Peoples and Conflict Resolution: An Account of the Discussions at the 22nd Session of the Working Group on Indigenous Populations
by Les Malezer

Family Court Mediation and Indigenous Families
by Stephen Ralph

Conflict and Indigenous Communities: An Indigenous Mediator's Perspective
by Cherie Buchert

Is there a Future for Coexistence? A Question of Strategy
by Craig Jones

Community Profile     

Marjorie Woodrow
by Jacqui Houston

Land Management Agreement

Yorta Yorta Co-operative Land Management Agreement: Impact on the Yorta Yorta Nation
by Henry Atkinson


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