August/September 2001 Volume 5, Issue 11

With Guest Editors Garth Nettheim and Neil Rees, the special 20th anniversary issue provides a retrospective overview of the first 20 years of the Indigenous Law Bulletin (‘ILB’). It includes a selection of editorials, articles, casenotes and updates on a wide range of topics from a variety of contributors, as covered by the ILB over the past 20 years. To order a copy of the current issue, contact the Subscriptions Manager.


Guest Editorial
by Garth Nettheim and Neil Rees

Where to from now?
by Nicole Watson

Just more words?
by Neil Rees 

News and Updates      

Major test case: New High Court land rights challenge   
by Garth Nettheim

Redfern Park Speech
by Paul Keating

Completion statement of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner
by Mick Dodson

Community Talk

Maureen & George
by Kevin Williams


Federal Heritage Protection Bill - Senate upgrade rebuffed
by Johanna Sutherland

Lessons from Canada
by Brad Morse

Violence against Aboriginal women
by Judy Atkinson

by Noel Pearson

by Chris Cunneen & Terri Libesman


Eddie Mabo and Ors v The State of Queensland
by Bryan Keon-Cohen


Recent Happenings

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