Volume 19 Number 1

This edition of the Australian Indigenous Law Review is a special edition on Indigenous Children’s Wellbeing. 






Terri Libesman


Social Movements and the Law: Addressing Engrained Government-based Racial Discrimination Against Indigenous Children

Cindy Blackstock


Neoliberalism, Settler Colonialism and the History of Indigenous Child Removal in Australia

Anna Haebich


Surveillance, Stigma, Removal: Indigenous Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice in the Age of Neoliberalism 

Chris Cunneen


Indigenous Child Welfare Post Bringing Them Home: From Aspirations for Self-Determination to Neoliberal Assimilation

Terri Libesman


Situating the Erosion of Rights of Indigenous Children

Linda Briskman


The Protection of Cultural Identity in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children Exiting from Statuory Out of Home Care Via Permanent Care Orders: Further Observations on the Risk of Cultural Disconnection to Inform a Policy and Legislative Reform Framework

Kyllie Cripps and Julian Laurens


Child Wellbeing and Protection as a Regulatory System in the Neoliberal Age: Forms of Aboriginal Agency and resistance Engaged to Confornt the Challenges for Aboriginal People and Community-based Aboriginal Organisations

Dr Deirdre Howard-Wagner


Lessons from the United States on Building More Effective Means of Addressing Indigenous Child Welfare Issues 

Melissa L Tatum


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