Volume 15 Number 2


Megan Davis and Andrew Lynch

The Preamble and Indigenous Recognition

Anne Twomey

Balancing Symbolism and Function in Constitutional Preambles: A Reply to Twomey

Paul Kildea

The Constitutional Commission and Australia's First Inhabitants: Its Views on Agreement-Making and a New Power to Legislate Revisited

Geoffrey Lindell

The 'Race' Power in Section 51(xxvi) of the Constitution

Sarah Pritchard

Replacing the Race Power: A Reply to Pritchard

Dylan Lino

Equality for Indigenous Peoples in the Constitution

Hilary Charlesworth and Andrea Durbach

Section 51(xxxi) and the Acquisition of Property under Commonwealth–State Arrangements: The Relevance to Native Title Extinguishment on Just Terms

Sean Brennan

Indigenous Lands and Constitutional Reform in Australia: A Canadian Comparison

Margaret Stephenson


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