Volume 14 Number 1

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Canoe).  Helen was also a finalist at the 2008 Telstra Awards. Helen now devotes herself to painting full time. She spends her time in her community at Bulgul, on the coast between Daly River and Darwin, and with her family in Darwin. 


The artist explains the cover artwork entitled Wangi – the start of the wet:

‘This work was painted in Alice Springs and it was one of a series I did exploring a completely new artistic direction for me.  Until this series, all my works had explored traditional topics from a bush point of view.  In this series, I looked at traditional subjects from both a bush and a city perspective, and as a result, some of the iconography I have used clearly shows urban landscapes.  I guess it recognizes my heritage which is part Indigenous and part non-Indigenous.  The painting itself talks about the start of the wet.  Across the lighter part of the painting, we see the wind that has swung around from the desert and now comes from the north bringing the monsoons with it. It is at this time that the bush turns green and the edible plants start to spring up.  But not only is the bush green, so is Darwin, my other home.’

Further information about the artist and her work can be found at Aboriginal Art World and the Kate Owen Gallery.

Building Communities, Not Prisons: Justice Reinvestment and Indigenous Over-Imprisonment
Melanie Schwartz

Monetary Compensation and the Stolen Generations: A Critique of the Federal Labor Government’s Position
Dylan Lino

Local Government Rates Exemptions for Indigenous Organisations: The Complexities of a State-By-State System
Fiona Martin

The NTER Redesign Consultation Process: Not Very Special
Alison Vivian

‘The Holy Grail’ or ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’?: A Qualitative Exploration of the ILUAs Agreement-Making Process and the Relationship Between ILUAs and Native Title
Dr Deirdre Howard-Wagner and Amy Maguire

The New Representative Body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People: Just One Step
Sam Muir



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African Commission on Human Rights

Centre for Minority Rights Development (Kenya) and Minority Rights Group International on behalf of Endorois Welfare Council v Kenya, Communication 276 / 2003


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