Indigenous Law Bulletin 8(6) May/June Edition

This Edition of the Indigenous Law Bulletin (‘ILB’) we have an interesting selection of articles covering a number of important issues. We have a report on a workshop hosted by the ILC—Native Title: A vehicle for Change and Empowerment?—showcasing the thoughts of leaders in this field; a discussion on the role of consumer protection laws in safeguarding Indigenous people in their dealings with ‘telcos’; an interview with Gemma McKinnon—the recent recipient of a prestigious Churchill Fellowships; a case study of the Mudjala TK Project, the journey to patent of a novel traditional Aboriginal medicine; a look at legal and investment structures for communities who receive small, irregular or one-off mining payments; and, a review of the new book from Pulitzer Prize winning author, Jared Diamond, The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies?.

Finally, for our Featured Article this edition we have chosen a contribution by Allan McCay which looks at the so-called Fernando Principles. In a thought provoking paper, Allan considers the relationship between genetics, social environments and criminal beahviour.

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