Dr Thalia Anthony

Thalia Anthony

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, UTS

LLB (Hons I), PhD (USyd), BA (Hons I), MCrim (Dist.)

Contact details:

Email: Thalia.Anthony@uts.edu.au, Phone: 02 9514 9665


Dr Thalia Anthony has published widely in the area of Indigenous people and the law, especially in relation to the criminal justice system, civil remedies and legal history. Her contribution to public debates, senate inquires and United Nations committees has resulted in the development of diversion programs and compensation schemes.

She is currently working on two Australian Research Council projects on Sentencing Indigenous Women (with Larissa Behrendt) and Northern Territory Indigenous-owned safety strategies (with Juanita Sherwood and Harry Blagg).

Over the past decade Thalia has been studying the impacts of the Northern Territory Intervention on Indigenous people, particularly in terms the criminal justice and child protection systems. Her findings reveal how community disempowerment alongside top-down state policies undermine community wellness.

Thalia has taught at a number of universities across a wide range of areas, including Law, Criminology and History. Thalia is committed to embedding Indigenous perspectives and knowledges into law courses. Thalia has convened a number of conferences on teaching scholarship and edited journals on strategies for enhancing cultural competence among Law students.

Thalia works closely with Indigenous community organisations and clinics to support Aboriginal families who are affected by criminal justice and child protection interventions. 

Selected publications
Anthony, Thalia, Indigenous People, Crime and Punishment (Routledge, 2013).
Anthony, Thalia, 'Indigenising Sentencing? Bugmy vs The Queen' (2013) 35 Sydney Law Review 451.
Anthony, Thalia and Harry Blagg, 'STOP in the Name of Who's Law? Driving and the Regulation of Contested Space in Central Australia' (2013) 22 Social and Legal Studies 43.
Anthony, Thalia, 'Indigenous Crime and Settler Law: White Sovereignty After Empire' (2013) 38 Alternative Law Journal 63.
Anthony, Thalia, 'Justice: A History of the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia', (2013) 85 Labour History 246.


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