General Call for Submissions: Indigenous Law Bulletin 2020

The Indigenous Law Bulletin (‘ILB’) is seeking general submissions for its next edition. Submissions are due Monday 1 June. The ILB also invites general submissions throughout the year to contribute to other editions from anyone with an interest in issues affecting First Nations. Contributions are invited from Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers. Indigenous people are particularly encouraged to contribute. ILB articles are written by a diverse range of people in varying styles. While published ILB articles generally relate to the law, extensive legal analysis or expertise is not always required. The ILB accepts articles about all issues that relate to First Nations.



Potential themes: the importance of 2020

2020 is an important year for First Nations. Not only does 2020 mark 250 years of British contact, but our communities now also face the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19. The pandemic has confirmed how vulnerable First Nations are as a result of structural disempowerment, highlighting more than ever the need for reform. Public responses to COVID-19 have proven this through the uneven impact of health risks on First Nations, along with the unequal application of increased public health regulations and policing on Indigenous people as opposed to non-Indigenous.


More information on submissions can be found our general call for submissions. Please submit any questions and queries, and your abstracts and submissions, to the Editor of the ILB at: 

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